Modura (hypothetical)


UI Design



Fashion e-commerce app for trendy young professionals

Modura is a new eCommerce clothing brand designed for trendy men and women between 18 and 25 years old. These individuals are early in their careers and are looking for an affordable solution for business casual clothing to wear to their jobs in urban areas.

My task was to create Modura's logo, brand identity and couple key screens for their mobile app.

I began by looking at the fashion trend for the young professionals and competitor's branding & logos.The fashion trend for the young professional were "minimal", "modern", "chic" with mostly neutral color with a few highlight colors. Competitor's logos represented this trend well - their logos were mostly just a simple text with monotone colors.

To create the logo, I brainstormed on objects that represent fashion, minimalism, modernism and professionalism. I wanted to use straight lines and geometric shapes to give that minimal and modern feel. Most of the theme for the symbols that I came up with are related to fabric or tie/suit.

Inspired by the geometric theme, a custom icon set for modura was created.

To put together a brand guideline, I decided on a logo that resembles a stitch. A brand color palette was created with warm colors as well as monotones to represent comfort, effortless style and professionalism.