I am only Fruit

Wanabana makes 100% fruit products that targets customers that want Healthy options in a easy, fast and time saving matter. It is a new way to eat a genuine tropical fruit that appeals all genders and ages.

My task was to design Wanabana's B2B e-commerce website that offers products for food businesses that wants long-shelf life and margin friendly yet premium quality fruit pulps and smoothies for their menu offering.

The user persona was created based on findings from the research phase.

The site map was constructed based on the target user's goals, need and pain points. Main focus was to develop the recipe sections for users who are trying to introduce a new menu item for their business yet don't have a specific product in mind that they want to purchase.

Then I created a user flow diagram, illustrating how a target user will go through main tasks on the platform.

In the wireframing stage, I devided on the overall layout and visual hierarchy.

Final prototype was created to reflect vibrant brand color palette and brand personality. An interactive prototype can be viewed here in Figma.